Recovery of Amicas: damn demons!

The Horn of Geridon

The Gifs of Val

The ranger Boredash, rather dazed hobbit Hux and sorcerer Jeri were welcomed to the throne room of the Silver Dragon Val, who rewarded the party with potions of healing, enchantment for Jeri’s crossbow and guidance in our quest to find a treatment for the ‘demon disease’. The dragon advised us to search for the Horn of Geridon, an enchanted item that was thought to be lost on the Island of Snekera, in a place of safe-keeping, and protected by a magical seal which required hydra eyes for unlocking, two of which are now thought to be lost. When questioned, the dragon told us to seek the an innkeeper Kristas in a town just north, where we might receive guidance about ship passage to the island.

The party easily found a coastal town, and the innkeeper; yet, events in the little town – which was little more than a one ship harbor town with a warehouse, an inn and rough travelers and piratical merchants. As we arrived, the innkeeper, a retired adventurer, was upset by his daughter’s rage about a lost rabbit. Searching the inn, the party discovered (a) large constrictor had killed the rabbit, (b) the constrictor was the ‘pet’ of a druid who had spend the evening in the in 2 nights before, and © the druid had been heard speaking of his own quest for the Horn of Geridon. (In the search for the snake, the party obtained a small round stone, marked with images of a snake that the ranger stowed in bag.)

After a fruitless effort to speak with the druid – a shady sort of figure named Alydon – the party followed the innkeeper to seek passage to the Ilse of Snekera on the cargo ship Astrid. However, at the mooring, rough seamen, aboard the Astrid, told the party that Captain Timaris, the rightful captain of the Astrid, had “retired” and that Captain Clade had taken over the Astrid. The seamen appeared to be hiding the truth and lying. The ranger Boredash quickly surmised that Clade’s men were pirates and that the Astrid should be liberated.

Thus, combat ensured. With two archers – recruited by the innkeeper – and Hux providing archery support from the distance, Boredash charged the gangplank, with Jeri, just behind, ready with enchantments. At once, the first pirate hurled a dagger at Boredash, who, seriously wounded, held three charging pirates at bay as Hux and the the archers attacked. Two of the pirates at once hacked at the gangplank ropes, hoping to bar the party’s passage onto the Astrid. Boredash fought them with a great sword, the archers pierced them with arrows, and finally Jeri successfully dazed the last pirate, who was subdued and bound fast.

Finally, the party assessed itself, intact on the Astrid’s 100 foot-long deck, with unknown cargo and no sign, yet, of Captain Clade, or others who might be below. Gathering themselves, the innkeeper, Boredash, Hux and Jeri prepared to search below…



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