Recovery of Amicas: damn demons!

session 3/20

sneaky beginnings

We meet two of our heroes, a halfling rogue with a passion for pilfering and a sorcerer with a more sensible head on his shoulders… a mysterious but grumpy dude saves their butts from a bunch of demons, then asks them to escort a grumpy cat to a cave or something.

Guy claims cat bears the spirit of his master, an ancient dragon. Ok, dude.

But it’s still a quest, so they press on. Mostly lacking in jacked-up combat-ready buffness, they are delighted to find that the claw-wielding cave cultists are at least initially terrified of the cat. They proceed to the cave lair of the dragon before the guards are summoned. The cat runs up the nose of the sleeping dragon and doesn’t come out.

Our heroes search the room in vain (snooping in the dragon’s giant journal) to no avail as the guards draw near. Torn between his burning desire to steal the Crystal ball sitting in an alcove and the ideas of proper behavior suggested by the sorcerer, the halfling jumps in and out of the huge pail of treasure that makes up the dragon’s bed, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, the sorcerer unleashes a mighty…tickle spell inside the dragon’s nose. It sneezes out a dead cat, which the heroes revive with their handy staff of Lazarus. The dragon remains asleep.

All seems lost, and the heroes are surrounded, but a pair of cultists conveniently knock over the palantir in the alcove (damnit, the hobbit should’ve done that)! The dragon wakes up!

After some hurried explanations, everyone calms down and a reward is promised! The end.



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